Impact of state aid on aer lingus essay

I also acknowledge the constructive comments and criticisms of those attending The Policy Institute seminar on 13 May when an earlier version of this paper was presented, as well as the extremely valuable insights of the two anonymous referees.

Aer Lingus introduced Boeing s to its fleet in to cope with the high demand for flights between Dublin and London. Supranational approval of aids in both states witnessed a similar dynamic.

Maintaining direct employment as the norm. The airline's first General Manager was Dr J. Mueller indicated that Aer Lingus intended to reposition itself again, moving away from a head-to-head competition with Ryanair in the low-cost sector to a more hybrid model with a stronger emphasis on service.

However, to understand domestic-level developments in Ireland, elements of the corporatist model are of value. In the early s the s were phased out.

Aer Lingus based 2 aircraft in Belfast City Airport for the Winter — season, and a third aircraft arrived for the Summer season.

This was to involve up to 1, job cuts including the loss of cabin crew bases in Shannon and Heathrow.


The views expressed in this study are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Policy Institute. The Irish Government slammed O'Leary's offer as "undervaluing the airline" and stated that a Ryanair takeover would have a "significant negative impact" on competition in the industry and on the Irish consumer.

Sale of Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus explained the move stating the carrier was repositioning as a low-cost carrier, which did not fit with Oneworld's pitch to the premium international frequent flyer.

Inthe company inaugurated a route from Shannon to Montreal and onward to Chicago. InAer Lingus introduced a new, green-top livery with a white lighting flash down the windows and the Irish flag displayed on the fin.

Post-war expansion[ edit ] On 9 Novemberregular services were resumed with an inaugural flight to London.

Aer Lingus

Six were delivered in and and three of these continue in service today. By that time, over eight million people had travelled across the Atlantic in Aer Lingus Boeing s.

IMPACT members in Aer Lingus back 5% pay deal

The Gatwick to Cork route ended 27 October Inthe airline expanded its all-freight services and acquired a small fleet of Bristol Freighterswhich remained in service until On 6 JuneAer Lingus strengthened its relationship with the European manufacturer by ordering six of the new A and six A Background The ATT is an excise duty on air passenger transport that airline companies must pay in respect of passengers departing on an aircraft from an airport located in Ireland.THE UNILATERAL EFFECTS OF THE PROPOSED RYANAIR ACQUISITION OF AER LINGUS KATE IVORY Senior Sophister While there is continuous debate about the optimal policies of central banks, there is rarely a debate about the structure, and indeed the existence, of central banks.

in this. It is also investigating the impact of Ryanair's minority stake in Aer Lingus. The commission previously rejected Ryanair's first takeover attempt of Aer Lingus in.

Ryanair and Aer Lingus told to pay €16m to Government in 'illegal state aid' ruling

smaller airlines such as Olympic and Aer Lingus have, in fact, receiv ed c onside rable assi stance ove r the yea rs fro m th e sta te. Despite the plethora of aids given to European airlines.

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financing of airports and airlines under EU State aid law. Aer Lingus Location (Country) Ireland E-mail address [email protected] environmental impact of the sectoral rules and of a potential application of the horizontal rules.

B Information on business models by airport operators and airlines. But this has not been possible for Aer Lingus since its dependence is on the state to provide it with aid (Doganis, ). Inthe European Commission sought to approve the guidelines on evaluation proposals relating to state aid for airlines.

IMPACT will seek confirmation of the implementation of pay increases, including the rapid payment of back money due under the deal.

IMPACT members who work for Aer Lingus have voted overwhelmingly (%) to accept a Labour Court-brokered pay deal worth % over the 39 months from 1st April

Impact of state aid on aer lingus essay
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